In November 2017, we lost our amazing grandmother. We called her Grammy, everyone else called her Biddy. She was a woman who was always abuzz with energy. She traveled the world alone or let one of us tag along. She was an artist, a mother, a grandmother and she is missed beyond words.

Some of our best memories are of dinners at her house. She always made something delicious and it was almost always eaten on neatly set trays in her beautiful living room. One of the most precious heirlooms that was passed down to her four granddaughters was her wooden box of recipes. Each one neatly handwritten on an index card and organized into categories. So much of her personality shows through on each card. You can imagine her sitting with someone and copying down their recipe in terms she will understand far into the future.

These recipes are transcribed as closely to the original version as possible, so we apologize for some ingredients missing or cook times being vague. We hope you can interpret them and use them to make something amazing for your next family dinner.