Sam’s Steak

This has to be one of my new favorites. I am going to assume that the “Sam” that this recipe is attributed to is Dr. Samuel Denham. He was a wonderful man that was mom’s boss and then became a very close friend to Grammy. I can just hear his sweet southern drawl reciting his recipe for her over the phone so she could write it down the day after she went to a dinner party at his house. At her kitchen table, in her butter yellow kitchen, in the notepad that was always on the table or the nearby shelf.

I absolutely love that she had to write this recipe down. And that she gave it a little star. She was the cutest.


4″ thick sirloin-Bone in

HOT grill- 4″-sear meat

Then cover, cook maybe 15-20 min


One Comment Add yours

  1. Faith Stone says:

    Yummmmm! This is a keeper . We can’t wait to try this one:)!!! We will post a photo! Along with the Stuffed Peppers!


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