Anticucho (updated)

Update: Thanks to my trusty Facebook followers, thanks Becky and Larissa!) I now know that what Grammy MEANT to write was anticucho. Thanks to some googling and a trusty Wikipedia page, anticucho is a traditional marinade from pre-Columbian Peru. It is traditionally used to make BBQ beef hearts, but any kind of meat. So, do not fret if you don’t have any beef hearts handy. Use your favorite cut of meat, add to skewers with onion and potato, and grill over an open fire for a delicious dinner.

This is one of those moments where I wish Grammy was around to ask where she got this recipe! And why we never got any beef hearts at Sunday dinner.

I am still not 100% sure what the title of this recipe says or what it is used for. But Cousin Becky says it is a beef marinade, so we are going to go with that. Either way, it looks delicious!

6oz Wine Vinegar

12oz water

Salt and pepper


4 green chili peppers

1 1/2 T oregano

Onion juice

A little lemon juice



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